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L'il Angels Unlimited is a premier Child & Adult Talent Management Company for Actors. LAU has operated continuously by Jackie Reid since 1992. L'il Angels serves both the New York and Los Angeles areas.


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What Our Clients Are Saying...(12 sec updates)

  • ...'I like dealing with you Jackie.  You have such a good eye for recognizing talent.  I just know I can always trust that the people you send me are going to be right for our business and for the role.'  Additionally 'Remember that time when you told me to trust you.  That this talent was going to make an impact.  I did not want to take the talent because I just didn't see it.  I took the talent because of how good your instincts have been in the past...and dang if they weren't spot on with this one!'

    Anonymous Agency Manager
  • I’ve basically grown up with L’il Angels. Jackie has been my manager since I was 8 years old. She’s the reason I am working and living out here in California today. She believes in me which is a very important thing to have in a manager. She takes the time to sit and talk to me which is also very, very important. She is my biggest cheerleader, and I believe she treats her other clients the same. I love Jackie, and she’s honestly the best manager anyone could ever have!!



    SB (Actor-Daughter of Andrea)
  • I couldn't have chosen a better person to help me achieve my goals.  Not only is she super-duper nice, but every time she visits New York, she always makes time to say Hi!  I knew from the first minute I met her, she was going to change my life forever and she has, in the best way possible!  Team Jackie all the way!





    Luca (Actor-Son of Daniela)
  • We were very apprehensive to enter the crazy world of entertainment, but at the open call, we were greeted with the biggest smile and Luca instantly felt connected to Jackie. She told us she absolutely loved him and she would be in touch. The next day she called us with our first appointment. She immediately put us in touch with the best photographer for headshots. Even when Luca didn’t get a call back or feedback from auditions, she was always there to lift our spirits and keep us looking forward. The rest is history! Jackie is the nurturing, loving and caring manager that everyone wants. She and her staff make you feel like you are all part of one big happy family. Thank you Jackie!

    Daniela P (Parent of Luca)
  • Jackie Reid is a fantastic manager! She knows the business in and out, and I completely trust her with my child’s career. She recognizes strengths and individuality, and really listens. Jackie has a knack for visiting with my daughter and boosting her confidence. I love her honesty and the fact that she always follows through with her promises. She makes herself available to me and to my daughter, Sage, whenever we need her. Her work ethic is top-notch! You won’t find a nicer, harder working manager in Los Angeles or New York!



    Andrea B (Parent of SB)
  • It can be very difficult to surrender the well being of my child's career to a person that I didn't know. After meeting Jackie Reid, all of those fears faded away. She came to meet me in New York. I didn't know what to expect because I had been personally managing my son's career at that point. Hiring L'il Angels Unlimited to take over was the best decision I could have ever made. After Alphonso finished his two year run in The Lion King on Broadway, L'il Angels has been able to secure major voice over work for him with Trix and Lucky Charms and was extremely instrumental in obtaining a top tier New York Agency as his agent. I am looking forward to a bright future for Alphonso with Jackie Reid and the L'il Angels family.  

    Kathy J.
  • Li'l Angels Unlimited has gone above and beyond to get me as many opportunities as possible and continue to do so. I have done professional work in all sectors covering acting, commercial to print work. Through them I signed with a top NY Commercial Agency and now know top casting directors. My journey thus far with LAU has been nothing but wonderful and exciting. I have been very fortunate to have been partnered up with such a dedicated and hardworking team. If you want to succeed in this business they are the go to management office to make that dream a reality.


    Frank J.
  • Little Angels has nurtured my daughter’s career.  When we started with them she was  a complete novice - ignorant of the acting world.  Two years later, she is a seasoned 10 year old professional with a score of commercials and a handful of film and television roles on her resume.  Little Angels has created an abundance of opportunities, guiding my daughter through increasingly challenging and demanding roles.  They have always been direct, honest and upfront with us.  I can only describe them with superlatives.


    Jim C.

                          OPEN CASTING CALL -- NEW YORK -- SATURDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2018


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