Does L'il Angels charge a Fee?

L’il Angels ONLY works on commission!  If you don’t work, we don’t get paid!  No reputable manager or agency should charge any fees for client representation.  Our commission is 15% on the talent’s Gross Earnings for the project.

What type of acting work do you support?

We support….


  • Theatrical work: Feature Films, Network Television Shows, Cable Shows, New Media and Theatre (Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway…LOL)
  • Commercial work: TV/Internet Commercials
  • Voice-Over work: TV/Radio/Internet Commercials and Animation
  • Print work: All types of print and electronic print media
We are NOT a modeling agency.  We do not do High Fashion, Glamour Model or Runway.

I am interested in becoming a L'il Angels Client, what must I do?

  1. We strongly recommend attending one of our open calls that are held once a quarter in both New York and Los Angeles.
  2. If you missed the most recent Open Call you can email us from the Contact page requesting representation.  Please send us your resume, headshot and key vitals information including:
    1. Name
    2. City and State your reside in,
    3. Age, Height, Weight, Gender and Ethnicity
  3. We will review your information and get back to you if we believe there is a potential fit.  Be aware L’il Angels limits the number of Clients we have in a given talent category in order that we might provide the best possible representation.

Headshots - What do I need to know about them?

Headshots are vitally important regardless of your age. Casting agencies need to “see” you before they are going to take the next step. Depending on the talents age, they do not necessarily have to be taken professionally. Typical cost for quality headshots is between $250 and $400 a session.

Guidelines on Headshots

  1. Keep it simple. Avoid the temptation to go for the “Glamour Shot”.
  2. A straight-on image is the best – see the adjacent head shot.
  3. For All Talent over the Age of 4: Your goal is to come out of your session with at least one head shot SMILING and one head shot NOT SMILING
  4. For Girls: Should I take my hair-up? No. Leave your hair down. The target is to look younger than you are in most cases.
  5. Clothing and Jewelry: Again, the goal is “Keep it Simple!” NO jewelry. Make-up should be MINIMAL (for example a “LITTLE” bit of lip gloss or mascara WHEN AGE APPROPRIATE). Please! no mascara on an 18 month baby (LOL). Loud clothing and heavy makeup take away from and the focus off of your face, eyes and hair. Casting Directors are skilled at picturing how someone will look in their project.
  6. Suggestive Content: Provocative poses, gestures and attire works against you and will cost you opportunity. Besides the fact that we do a great deal of work with young people, we are interested in talent that appreciates their wholesomeness, their innocence and their personality.












What is 'Booking Out' and why is this important?

Booking out is the process where by you notify us that you will be unavailable for work due to vacation, summer camp, extended illness or other circumstances that make you unavailable to accept auditions and/or bookings.  We ask that you notify as soon as soon as possible.  We keep a calendar of when you are not available so we can avoid submitting on projects that have audition or booking dates that overlap your book out dates.

I hear about various Casting Websites such as Actors Access and Casting Networks, what do I need to know about them?

  1. If you join the L’il Angel’s team it is required that you enroll on BOTH Actors Access and Casting Networks.
  2. We use these sites to do a significant amount of submissions.  Actors Access contains theatrical projects (Movies, TV/Cable Series and Broadway Theatre).  Casting Networks addresses commercial projects.
  3. These sites are free for the basic services we use.  There are additional subscription options for additional photos, reels and the ability for you to self-submit on small projects.
  4. If you sign up for self-submissions –  THIS IS ONLY FOR SMALL PROJECTS (typically background, extras, student films and no-pay projects).  Industry professionals like L’il Angels also pays a hefty subscription for these services.  Our subscription gives us access to the ‘meaty’ projects that we all see on TV/Cable or on Broadway.  This in part is where a key portion of our services to you originate.


MOST IMPORTANT:  You need to COMPLETELY fill out ALL sections of the profiles.

In addition:

  1. We need you to be accurate and honest on the skills (sports, musical, ethnicities you can play, dialects you may support and your language fluency).
  2. On Casting Networks, do not neglect to fill out the detailed measurements and sizes.  We are also pursuing print and commercial projects where specific clothing size requirements are required.



For babies, kids and teens you may need to update these sites and us as often as:

  1. Babies through 3 years old = Every 3 months
  2. 4 through 15 years old = Every 6 months
  3. 16 years old and up = Once per year

Do I need to get a Work Permit for my child? What do I have to keep in mind concerning Work Permits?

  1. Yes!  New York and California require a work permit for all minors (kids under 18 including babies).
  2. If you don’t have a valid work permit…YOU CANNOT WORK!  We have had numerous bookings that went to another kid because there was not a valid work permit.
  3. Please allow 30-60 days from the time you send in your permit request to receive the permit.
  4. The permits require doctors information concerning the health of your child.  Also they require a report from your child’s school regarding your child’s academic performance.  The Permit Board will not grant permits to kids with poor academic performance. Your kids need to stay on top of their school work.
  5. If we accept you as a Client we will send you the information need to get a permit.  DO NOT SEND US your permit application, that must go straight to the State Agency listed in the application.
  6. The permits are typically for only a YEAR.  Mark it on your calendar to renew your child’s work permit at least 60 days prior to the expiration date.
  7. If you are planning to work in both New York and California you will need a permit for each State.
  8. If the physical work is in New Jersey, NJ working papers are required for a minor child. The good news is that the Production company is required to get these permits for you.

What is this Coogan account thing I keep hearing about?

Depending on the State, special accounts are required that will receive 15% of the earnings from minors.  Generically these are referred as “Coogan” accounts.


Actually there are three types of minor accounts Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA), Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) and California Coogan.  The basic difference between these accounts are that the Coogan Account is a blocked account and the funds are ONLY available until the child reaches the age of majority.


UTMA and UGMA are similar except that the allow use of funds for expenses of the child (so they are not a blocked trust account). Setting up a California Coogan has more stringent setup requirements, however, they provide the best protection to the child.  Please talk to your bank or financial advisor on the best solution for your child’s needs.  Some other basics facts are:


  1. New York accepts California Coogan, UTMA and UGMA accounts
  2. California only accepts California Coogan accounts
  3. If you setup a UTMA/UGMA account for New York and you decide to accept projects in California – you will be required to set up a California Coogan account

What else can I expect you to ask of me?

  1. Update your profiles both from the Casting Websites you will enroll in and update requests from us.  Kids are constantly changing, we will need updates every 3 to 6 months depending on the age of your child.
  2. That you are on-time for your appointments and that you properly prepare your child based upon the needs of the audition.


This is a business and performance counts; not just in front of the camera but in being available for appointments, being on time and not canceling appointments.


Are there any special requirements for adult actors?

  1. No…other than the typical requirements:
    1. That you accept every appropriate appointment we set for you
    2. Make sure you keep all of your appointments, auditions, callbacks and bookings
    3. Contact us immediately if an emergency has arisen that will stop you from making your appointment

Teenagers and Young Adults – Watch out with your posts on Social Media Sites
What you post on your FACEBOOK or other Social Media (Twitter, Instagram…) pages can affect your career! Almost all of the sponsors of network media (Movies to Commercials) are EXTREMELY sensitive about their company brand and the public perception of their image. If you are a Disney or Nickelodeon kid, for example, and you have suggestive images or posts accessible on your social media page – your sponsors are more likely to check this. In other words…PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BRAND!

This is a TEAM EFFORT!  Missed appointments hurts more than just you!
Do NOT miss appointments!  Missing appointments reflects badly on you as an Actor.  Your missed appointment not only affects you but they affect L’il Angels and our other Clients.  If there are repeated missed appointments the Agencies and Casting Directors take note of this and may be reluctant to take appointments not only from you but other L’il Angels’ clients.  Please be considerate of us and the fellow actors we represent.