Our Team

Jackie Reid

(Founder & Talent Manager)




Jackie started out as a stage Mom to her daughter when she was an infant. Several years later, she began to manage her daughter’s career herself. Parents in the industry asked her to manage their kids as well. Soon after strangers began seeeking her out and asking her to manage their children. Thus L’il Angels was born! She now has over 20 years experience as a child and adult talent manager.

Jackie is all about personal service, tenacity and dedication for her clients.  Jackie is a frequent and popular speaker at various child talent search and conventions due to her always fresh, energetic no-frills approach to managing her clients.

Jackie shares her insight and wisdom through monthly articles published on Backstage.com where she has contributed as one of Backstage’s Experts for over two years.

Jackie is the true heart of L’il Angels. She is one of the most sincere people you will meet. She genuinely cares about her clients and makes herself accessible to them 24/7.

And without a doubt she is superb at recognizing and evaluating talent! She is one of the few managers in this industry with such an eye. Jackie calls it her “Super Power.” Not long after a Casting Director meets our talent do they start calling us directly.  As you can tell from this description…we at L’il Angels think she is indeed something special.


(Talent Manager – NY)


Michael is a huge addition to the L’il Angels team.  Does he have a last name? Well, yes.  He is just a private person.


Who is he … well to start with (I guess we can end there as well)…he is a proven actor, acting teacher and coach with a background in music. He is in the process of adding screenwriter skills to his resume.  When it comes to evaluating talent to understanding ways to improve as an actor he is not to far behind Jackie.


Don’t worry, we will soon have pictures of Steve and Michael posted!



(Assistant to Managers)




We are so thankful to have Steve with us.  He brings a diversity of skills from his ability to manage detail and keep our clients updated on their auditions and media as well as handling our media postings.

The sky’s the limit for Steve…we can’t wait to see what else he grows into!


(Dir. Marketing & Operations)





Doug has been with L’il Angels since 2009.  He handles all marketing, website, billing, contracts and back-end systems.  He is the fun guy!  Oh Yes and he does what ever Jackie can think of to improve the way L’il Angels operates.  All of us at L’il Angels are constantly on the look out to improve the ways we deliver service to you.

You may catch him supporting on submissions and the phones when things get crazy.

That picture is really not him…he just feels he works like a dog most of the time!